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sunday 1 may 2016






2011+2012 @ weta-digi, 3d cg models dept = Tintin, Prometheus, Apes, The Hobbit

TV series title sequences and animations (Gibson Group)
"Tales from Te Papa"
"Here to Stay"
- http://www.gibson.co.nz/our-projects/show/210
  "Face Lift" : humour.. short gag animations
Te Papa.. Earth Inner Core Journey, AV installation.
-  "Awesome Forces"

Northern West Coast Promo
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54mUo5NXwbQ

music video showreel: .... https://vimeo.com/13826994

"Pippy-pip" Blackseeds music video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTqIHu5-RAk


1998 Best Live Multimedia Award for "Fluxmedia" at Wgtn Fringe Festival
2002 Best NZ Music Video - "Nice Day For An Earthquake" Jakob
2002 Finalist Best NZ Music Video - "Complicated" Paul Mclaney
2003 Best Director KODAK Music Clip Awards - "Don't" Paul Mclaney feat. Anika Moa
2004 Finalist KODAK Music Clip Awards - "You Don't Know Me" Autozamm
2004 Short Film featured in NZFF - "Woven" collaboration with Clare Luiten, coldharbourDANCE
2005 Finalist SPADA Young Film Maker
2005 Best Director KODAK Music Clip Awards - "Hear The People" The Exiles
2006 Finalist KODAK Music Clip Awards - "Couldn't Couldn't" Charlie Ash
2007 Winner of the MusicOz Channel V Video Award - "Feel Good" Figgkidd
2007 Finalist KODAK Music Clip Awards - "Let Me Count The Ways" Paul Mclaney
2007 Best Animation KODAK Music Clip Awards - "The Answer" Black Seeds
2009 NZ Film Archive Wall of Fame - "Ah-ha" Charlie Ash (1st NZ stereo3D music clip)